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How To Transfer Money On Payeer

How To Transfer Money On Payeer

21 Apr, 2022

Payeer is one of the safest means to send and receive money online. You can easily make use of Payeer mobile app and desktop version to send and receive payments via your phone or computer. All that is needed is just an internet connection and debit/credit card. You can also make funds transfer from your payeer balance.

Using Payeer makes paying others easy. You can instantly pay anyone through their online wallet from anywhere around the world. If you are using Payeer's unverified account, you can manage your own funds and transfer funds to other people though with limits. With a verified account ,you can remove these limits and make unrestricted transfers. You can also do many things like receiving money unrestrictedly, creating invoices, adding notes to transactions, tracking activity, and much more.

To set up your account simply create a user name and password on payeer.com, verify your email address,then input how much you want to transfer. Your transfer will be charged at a flat rate of 0.5%. Payeer supports over 100 countries. You can as well transfer money to users on other e-currency platforms like advcash and perfect money.

To send money to someone, you need their payeer ID. There are many ways to get people's or merchant's payeer ID. One easy way is to call them and ask for this information. Another way is to go to their website and look around for where they have provided their payment information. You can also save the person's payment details on payeer in case you want to make a repeat transfer.
On the other hand, to receive money from someone using payeer, you have to provide the sender with your payeer ID, this alphanumeric characters can be seen at the top of your dashboard after signing into your payeer account as shown in the image below;

Payeer also allows you to transfer money from your bank account and debit/credit card to other accounts using API, this is suitable for merchants.

Transfer Money Instantly through Payeer from bank account
Payeer is a peer-to-peer payment system that allows users to transfer funds directly from their bank accounts without using traditional payment processors like PayPal. you’ll never have to wait anymore for your transfer to clear before spending that money. You can send or receive payments through Payeer’s network of over 10,000 registered exchangers (exchangers are individuals who provide access to payeer through their own banking information). These exchangers are spread across over 100 countries worldwide. Because the money transfers occur directly between you and the exchanger, no extra fees are charged by Payeer for facilitating these type of transactions. This means you can save money and time when sending money. 

Payeer App - Send & Receive Payments
The easiest way to use payeer is through their mobile app. Download the free Payeer app from Google Play Store or iTunes and sign up. With the Payeer app, you can easily send and receive money online . Once you’ve signed in, you can find your Payeer account toolbar  in the dashboard, then select “Transfer” to set up your first transaction. 

Transfer or Withdraw Money From Payeer To Naira Bank Account in Nigeria
It is very easy to receive money through payeer in Nigeria, once you have given the sender your payeer ID and confirm receipt of funds ,the next step is to convert payeer to naira. All you need do is visit our website and send us the payeer funds you want the naira equivalence paid into your bank account, we will convert your payeer to naira within minutes at the best rate you can get around.

Step-by-step procedure to transfer money on payeer

- First, visit Payeer's website and log into your account to get access to your account balance. You can do this using your username and password.

 -Click "Transfer" and enter the beneficiary's payeer ID and  enter how much you want to transfer. 

- Next, click “Send” 
- Payeer will ask you to confirm your transaction before making it effective. After confirming the transfer, click ‘Confirm’.
- Done. You have successfully transferred your funds to the receiver's wallet.

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