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How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin On Payeer Website

How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin On Payeer Website

17 Apr, 2022

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are evolving at a rapid pace, from early enthusiasts to now that it has become the interest of everyone. With the increase in awareness about cryptocurrency, many exchanges have appeared and with them different payment methods. One such popular method is Payeer which allow users to buy bitcoin instantly on its platform, also you can use payeer to buy cryptocurrencies on other exchanges like binance, coindeal and a host of others.

Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency that can be used around the world. This article will teach you how to buy and sell bitcoin without payment methods like credit cards but using your payeer balance.

What Is Payeer?

Payeer is a free peer-to-peer payment system that allows people to buy bitcoin instantly and safely using your payeer balance from anywhere around the world. They have been in operation since 2012 and are based out of Tallinn,Estonia. Payeer's mission is to make funds transfer and buying / selling bitcoin safe and easy.

How Does Payeer Work?

When someone purchases bitcoins using Payeer.com, they receive Bitcoins into their payeer Bitcoin wallet immediately. This process only takes two steps. First, you need to create your payeer account if you don't have one already. After you've created a Payeer account, you can purchase bitcoins with your payeer balance. Once this has been completed, your bitcoin will be available to use either for investment or for the payment of goods and services.

Why Should You Use Payeer Instead Of Other Ways To Buy Bitcoins?

-Low fee for bitcoin exchange
Payeer is free of charge to convert your payeer fiat balance to Bitcoin. They charge 0.095% to trade cryptocurrency pairs, this is very low compared to what popular cryptocurrency exchanges charge. 

-Your bitcoin payment details are safe
Your Bitcoin and financial information are safe with payeer, they deploy state-of-the-art and advanced mechanisms to protect you from hackers, little wonder they have not been hacked since their inception unlike most of the major cryptocurrency exchanges around that have been at one time or the other victims of hacking attacks.  All bitcoin information are securely stored on encrypted servers.

-You get your bitcoin instantly
One of the biggest problems with buying bitcoin from cryptocurrency exchanges is waiting around. If you want to make a purchase right away, it is almost an impossible task as most exchanges conduct a manual verification before funds are credited into balance and exchange to bitcoin takes place but that's not the case with Payeer. If you are looking to buy bitcoin today, just go to your payeer wallet and make the exchange directly, your bitcoin will be provided instantly.

Step-by-step Guide To Buy Bitcoin On Payeer Website

1. Sign into your payeer account (you must have a verified payeer account)
2. Click on "exchange"

3. You will see the screen below, there you can complete the exchange;

To exchange your bitcoin for fiat in Payeer, you just have to follow the above instructions but reverse the options in the boxes in diagram 2 above.

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