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How to get Payeer Debit Card in Nigeria

How to get Payeer Debit Card in Nigeria

12 Apr, 2022

Payeer is a popular online payment system that allows users to pay for goods and services using its debit card. This method has become increasingly popular over the past few years due to its convenience and ease of use. However, this method can only be used if you have a Payeer account. To sign up for a Payeer account, follow these steps:

2. Enter your email address and click “Sign Up”
3. Click “Continue”
4. Enter your mobile number and password
5. You are now ready to start making payments

Payeer debit card works just like any other debit/credit card .Your Payeer debit card comes with no annual fees and is supported by over 100 different currencies worldwide.  Payeer is the best way to shop online especially now that some Nigerian banks no longer allow online foreign currency transactions on their cards. You can use your Payeer debit card to buy anything at thousands of stores worldwide like electronics, clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, cars, home goods, food, toys, furniture - anything that you may need.   Once a purchase is done, Payeer automatically debits money from your  balance.

A Payeer debit card can be used both online and offline which makes it popular among the people who are looking for an alternative way to pay using their debit cards.

You can manage your balance history, view transaction details and make payments at any time.

However, the debit card does have some limitations and the first being that it cannot be reloaded with cash from an ATM while other forms can. Another problem is that if you exceed your spending limit, then you will incur fees for each transaction you make after that.

The following are some benefits of using Payeer Card

* Shopping from any location

* No extra charges

* No minimum order value

* No currency conversion charges

Payeer Debit Card ATM Withdrawal Instructions

Using your Payeer debit card at an ATM machine can be tricky sometimes. If you find yourself having trouble withdrawing cash from your account using your Payeer debit card then this article will walk you through the correct way to make a Payeer debit card ATM withdrawal. Let's begin;

Many Payeer users complain that they are not able to use their cards to withdraw cash on certain ATMs, this is the most common complaint encountered by users of Payeer debit card.
Your Payeer card will only work with a mastercard compliant ATM, not all ATMs process transactions on mastercard especially in Nigeria and many other african countries so you might have to ask if the ATM you will be using is mastercard compliant or check if there is a mastercard logo on the machine, the same logo you will find on your Payeer debit card. When making a withdrawal, insert your payeer debit card into any machine that accepts mastercard and be sure to have your Payeer debit card PIN(which you must have set during the card activation process) and withdraw as with your usual debit/credit card.
Withdrawing cash from any ATM using Payeer debit card is easy, Your payeer debit card gives you access to withdraw cash at millions of ATMs worldwide. You can also make purchases from POS terminals

What do I need to get a payeer debit card in Nigeria?

*You will need to verify your Payeer account before you are able to apply for your Payeer debit card. To verify your account, you'll need to provide: a Nigerian government issued ID(driver licence/national ID card / data page of international passport)
* A valid email address associated with your Payeer.com account (this should be the same email address used to create your Payeer.com profile)
* A proof of address: utility bill(energy bill/cable tv bill/ water bill) , bank account statement.

Once your account is verified, you can apply for your Payeer debit card by clicking on 'dashboard' while logged into your payeer account, you will find the option to apply. After application, your Payeer debit card will be shipped out and delivered at your given physical address,the waiting time is usually 30 working days.

Card re-issuance

You may have noticed that your Payeer Debit Card has been declined severally in recent times. This might be due to a physical damage to your payeer card. In this case ,you have to get another card from payeer, you will be charged a fee for this and your new card will be sent to you. The old card will be automatically deactivated.

Deposit Funds Into your Payeer debit card

Once you are logged into your Payeer account, you can easily deposit funds into your Payeer debit card by buying Payeer funds from cashex . Once your Payeer account is funded , the funds will be automatically accessible using your payeer debit card.

What happens to my Payeer card after its expiration?

Make sure you check your statement at least once per month. There can be times where you might find that your card has expired. Your Payeer card will expire after the expiration date mentioned on it, the expiration date is usually  2 years . Once the card gets expired, you need to renew it before you start making any card purchases via Payeer. To renew it, you only have to log into your account, there you will see a notification that has the instructions to process a renewal.

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