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Reasons to exchange advcash to naira

Reasons to exchange advcash to naira

02 Feb, 2022

1. For personal and business travelling allowance
2. For savings due to instability of Naira

Nigerian government through the Central Bank of Nigeia (CBN) made a new policy that limits the amount of personal and business travelling allowance banks are allowed to sell to travellers in USD. Due to the instability of naira, many popular tourist destinations outside Nigeria do not accept naira as a legal tender or provide exchange services for naira  so Nigerian travelers have to source for foreign exchange for their travel plans . Since the government only approves a sum of 4000 USD per traveller or its equivalence in foreign currency, it has become difficult for Nigerian families to source for foreign exchange for family foreign trips as the policy limits the minimum age for travelers eligible to apply for foreign exchange to 18 years. 
Advcash comes to the rescue once again, you can order a prepaid card from advcash by logging into your advcash account and following instructions in the video below;

With an advcash prepaid card ,all you need to do is fund your Advcash account by buying advcash from us. ,Once you get to your favourite destination, be it Brazil,Dubai,USA or anywhere visa or mastercard is accepted you can easily have access to foreign exchange without having to worry about limits. Also you can exchange your Advcash funds to cryptocurrency if you do not have access to a visa or mastercard compatible ATM and withdraw cryptocurrency through local exchangers in your destination or use a cryptocurrency compatible ATM. In the other way, you can sell your unspent advcash to us when you come back to Nigeria without hassles and we pay naira into your bank account. 
Note: Advcash has temporarily suspended the issuance of visa and mastercard to nigerians but you can order a unionpay card, they are almost as accepted globally as mastercard and visa card. So, instead of selecting masterCard or visa card, you will have to select unionpay card.

It is no longer news that the value of the USD in Nigeria has increased by over 500% in the last 10 years. Imagine you saved 100USD some 10 years ago which was 11,000 naira at the time, you would have easily exchanged it for 58,000 naira now. To actualize this in the past,you would have to source for USD notes , go to the bank physically, undergo biometric/facial verification and wait for days or weeks atimes for a foreign currency bank account to be set up for you. After a foreign currency bank account is set up for you,you will be required to leave some foreign currency in the account that cannot be drawn, also you will have to pay monthly maintenance charge to your bank to keep your account running. 
With advcash ,the whole procedure is simple and can be completed within 30 minutes irrespective of your location, be it Lagos , port Harcourt , Kano ,Benin or Ibadan. All you need do is follow the instructions below;

1. Open an advcash account on www.advcash.com 
2. Visit our website, www.cashex.com.ng and sign up
3. Exchange your naira for advcash by sending naira into our bank account and we fund your Advcash account immediately.

In the event you want to exchange your Advcash to naira probably after your advcash savings must have recorded some gains, you simply sell us your advcash following the instructions below;

1. Sign into your advcash account
2. Sign into our website, www.cashex.com.ng
2. Exchange your Advcash to naira by selling your advcash to us and we transfer naira into your bank account immediately.

It's that simple to have your savings in USD or EUR and exchange it to naira at anytime from the comfort of your house or even on the move.

Should you need our services either to buy or sell advcash, kindly visit our website, www.cashex.com.ng or contact us on WhatsApp +2347057596117