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20 Jun, 2022

We also sell advcash in Nigeria to users who want to fund their advcash card. Advcash is a leading global provider of payment solutions, they issue cards to their users irrespective of their location. I will like to share a personal experience with you about advcash card;

It's been almost 2 years since I got my Advcash prepaid card, the card has unionpay as its processor. I was so excited to get this card because at that time, unionpay was not widely accepted everywhere but now you can use your advcash card virtually everywhere as unionpay has a global reach now.  I know that many people may have thought that getting a prepaid card from them is just like any other bank issued card but they are really different than your regular bank cards. If you have never used advcash card before, here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy using it.

1. You don't need to worry about fees.

Advcash charges a $2.5 monthly maintenance fee, no annual fee and same currency transaction fee. So basically, if you make a purchase around $2000 USD, your total fees would be $2000,you only have to pay $2.5 on all your monthly transactions. This is way better than what most banks charge. Also ,they do not charge any fee to deliver your card to your address,not even shipping charge.

2. No minimum balance is needed.

With most cards, you always need to maintain a certain amount of money in your account to avoid incurring fees. But with Advcash card, there’s no need to worry about maintaining a minimum balance because they do not have a minimum balance requirement. Also,they don't have a maximum balance, you don't need to sign up for multiple cards. You can make all your transactions from a single card, your advcash funds are automatically transferred to your advcash card and you can spend it as it pleases you without having to go through any special procedure. The daily ATM transaction limit is $3000 while daily POS transaction limit is $5000, that's quite high for a prepaid card.

3. You can use it online or offline.

Advcash card allows you to buy items or products from any store offline so far they accept unionpay. Offline purchases are not usually cheaper than online purchases but if the item is sold out online, you can still get them through your local shop.

With your advcash card you can also make online transactions where unionpay is accepted,online transactions are great ways to save time especially while traveling, most airlines have their own apps where you can book flights without having to be present at the airline agency's physical address. You just download  their app and book straight off, all major airlines accept advcash card for booking purpose. 

You can make use of your advcash card to fund your PayPal account as well,this literally means you can use  PayPal via advcash card without having to open and link a bank account to your PayPal account.

Step-by-step Guide to obtain your Advcash Card

1. Visit www.advcash.com and sign up for an account, signing up is free

2. Verify your advcash account by uploading a government ID and proof of address

3. wait for verification, this takes a few hours

4. Sign in and click on ‘cards’ ,you will see the below image

5. Click on ‘get this card’ , you will have to fill in the address where you want your card delivered. Please note you will be charged a one-time fee of $95.

Should you need to buy or sell Advcash in Nigeria, contact us via whatsapp on +234-705-759-6117 or visit our contact us page.