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How to buy / sell advcash in Nigeria

How to buy / sell advcash in Nigeria

19 Jan, 2022

You can buy advcash with naira / fund your advcash wallet using our service or sell advcash to us for naira. Advcash is a safe and popular platform through which people make payments worldwide, people make use of advcash for a wide number of reasons ranging from making payment for invisible products, tangible products and lot more reasons. Advcash is registered in Belize and duly regulated by Belize International Financial Services Commission, also all payments on advcash platform are instant. Unlike other E-currency wallets that charge a fee for internal transfers, Advcash transfer is free, this makes it one of the most sought after mediums to make payments in the world, it is evident in the thousands of daily visits to advcash official website.
Merchants can make use of recently added new features that make advcash even better than before. One of these developments is the introduction of the Advcash payment gateway, which can give merchants access to the Advcash payment system. With this gateway, merchants do not have to worry about the time consuming registration process to set up merchant accounts as with many providers. The Payment Gateway is an easy way to accept payments from your customers through credit/debit cards or bank transfers. You can use it to process any type of transaction. The best thing about the Advcash payment system is its versatility. Merchants can choose different currencies, including USD, GBP, EUR etc. This means that you can process payments in many currencies, allowing you to expand your customer base. Furthermore, Advcash has a wide variety of options regarding how transactions are processed, including chargeback protection. If you want to start accepting online payments, then the Advcash Payment Gateway is a great option.
Also, Advcash allows its users to buy and sell cryptocurrency on its platform without any fee. With advcash as a means of payment, you can also buy and sell cryptocurrency on popular exchanges like binance and a host of others.
Buying and selling advcash in Nigeria has been a problem for many due to difficulties experienced in sending foreign exchange outside Nigeria coupled with the fact that advcash does not have an office in Nigeria, also buying and selling advcash has been worrisome due to low rates offered by many advcash exchangers and inability of advcash users to withdraw funds directly into their Nigerian bank accounts. Traditionally ,exchanges are done via foreign companies who use international wire transfers to transfer funds into bank accounts of customers who want to sell advcash in Nigeria and customers who want to buy advcash in Nigeria have to go through the onerous process of having funds sent via international wire transfer to foreign companies who after receipt of funds deposit advcash funds into wallets of such customers. Aside the fact that this process is time consuming, taking days atimes and stressful with customers having to fill out paperwork at the bank physically, customers at the end get very low rates for their exchanges considering huge wire charges involved in these transactions.
We bring you good news,we at cashex offer unbeatable advcash to naira rates, show us a company that offers a better rate and we will beat it immediately, you can visit our homepage, www.cashex.com.ng to see our live rates. We are the biggest advcash exchanger in Nigeria, our testimonials and huge list of satisfied customers attest to that. Our advcash payments are very fast ,we pay orders as they come in ,we have dedicated hands on ground to execute orders almost instantly thereby reducing payment queue. If you do not get your advcash exchange sorted out in minutes, it is definitely a delay from your financial institution. Also our website is hosted on a highly secured and fast server ,your information is safe with us as our website is hack proof with zero downtime thereby making your advcash transaction very pleasurable with utmost peace of mind. You can navigate our website seamlessly, buy and sell your advcash with no human interaction.
Unlike many advcash exchangers, we offer rates for advcash in EUR and USD, our rates are updated everyday. Also,you can exchange your advcash for other E-currencies(Payeer, Perfect Money, Skrill and Epay) at the best rate. To do this, contact us via our WhatsApp number or support email, all orders are processed immediately.
Use this step-by-step guide to withdraw your Advcash balance to any local bank account. This method allows you to move Advcash from your wallet into a naira bank account in any bank in Nigeria to enable you make bank transfer with your funds. With bank transfer, you enjoy high limits especially for transactions whose values are worth hundreds of millions of naira, all your purchases can be accommodated instead of having to forgo some of your important transactions. It is advisable to still keep some balance in your advcash wallet to take care of lesser payments, as it is easier and faster to buy directly from merchants using Advcash.

If you are having trouble transferring funds from your Advcash account to your naira bank account or selling advcash in Nigeria follow the steps below;

1. Register on www.cashex.com.ng/register OR go to www.cashex.com.ng and click "Account".
2. Go to www.cashex.com.ng/login and log in.
3. Click on "exchange".
4. Click the Drop down box under "Send us" and click on Advcash USD or EUR ,enter the amount of advcash funds you want to exchange for naira.
5. In the "Receive" section ,click the Drop down box and select NAIRA.
6. Click "Next", send money to our advcash account as displayed on the screen and fill in your bank account information .
7. We will transfer your NAIRA into your provided bank account immediately, transactions are completed in minutes.
Note: To transfer funds into our advcash account, log into your advcash account on wallet.advcash.com/login, click "Send Funds" , the below screen will show on your screen, fill as appropriate;
1. After you must have signed up and logged into your cashex.com.ng account ,click on "exchange".
2. Click the Drop down box under "Send us" and click on NAIRA ,enter the amount of naira you want to exchange for Advcash USD or EUR.
3. In the "Receive" section, click the Drop down box and select Advcash USD or EUR.
4. Click "Next" and fill in your advcash account information.
5. We will transfer your Advcash funds into your provided Advcash account immediately, transactions are completed in minutes.
Note: Your advcash account number is written on the sidebar of your advcash account after you must have signed into your advcash account as shown in the picture below;
Should you need to contact us ,we are always available via WhatsApp (+234)07057596117 or click here.